NameStatusShort Description
ChunkyBoardPlanningChunkyBoard is an attempt to provide a more cleanly-implemented message board system.
ChunkyMUDDevelopmentChunkyMUD is a small MUD server written completely in Perl. It's style is mostly Diku-ish.
ChunkySoft Code LibraryDevelopmentThe ChunkySoft Code Library is a collection of subroutines that myself or others have written during our time working with Perl.
ChoppinatorStableThis was a quick hack of a filechopper program I wrote one day.
Non-Forking Server PackageDevelopmentThe Non-Forking Server Package is a collection of code and modules to ease the implementation of a non-forking TCP/IP server.
RegtestAlphaSmall regression testing framework I wrote one day.
Tangled Pits of MiseryPost-ponedA roguelike clone I am toying around with

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